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The Verge

Apple confirms frequent ‘allow paste?’ prompts in iOS 16 are a bug

It wasn’t supposed to be quite this annoying.


Apple executive confirms incessant iOS 16 clipboard paste permission prompts are a bug

Seemingly starting in the release version of iOS 16, many iPhone users a...


Apple Executive Responds to Annoying iOS 16 Copy and Paste Prompt: 'Absolutely Not Expected Behavior'

Apple has responded to user complaints regarding an annoying pop-up in i...

The Verge

Tim Cook revealed the real reason Apple won’t fix green bubbles

It’s all about the iPhone.


Tim Cook Shoots Down Idea of iOS Adopting RCS Messages: 'Buy Your Mom an iPhone'

Apple CEO Tim Cook has shot down the idea of iOS ever adopting RCS messa...

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The Verge

Tim Cook says ‘buy your mom an iPhone’ if you want to end green bubbles

Apple’s CEO isn’t feeling pressure to change iMessage


System Settings App in macOS Ventura Beta 5 Still Riddled With UI Issues

It seems Apple's redesigned macOS Ventura System Settings app, which rep...

The Verge

Apple employees will return to the office in September under hybrid model

Staff will go into the office three days per week.

Pixel Envy

Custom UI Oddities, Past, Present, and Future

Niki Tonsky: Ok thread of weird stuff found in redesigned macOS Ventura ...


How to use the hidden social features in Apple Music to help discovery

After Ping and Connect flopped, Apple has been adding social features to...


You’ll finally soon be able to jailbreak your iPhone 13

Cheyote jailbreak tool will be the first to work with iOS 15, more than ...


Put Craig Federighi's luscious mane on your MacBook Hair with this new skin

What do you get when you mix Apple SVP Craig Federighi with a new MacBoo...

The Verge

Apple Car project reportedly still running into roadblocks — and nearly a jogger

The vehicle’s current design has four inward-facing seats.


Inside Apple Car: Jony Ive’s design, Federighi’s skepticism, the ‘jogger incident,’ more

Apple’s self-driving car development efforts, codenamed Project Titan, h...

The Verge

Apps and advertisers are coming for your lock screen, and it’s going to be exhausting

Customizing your lock screen is good, turning it into a platform is bad

The Verge

Tim Cook is getting a lot less coy about Apple’s AR headset

He says he "couldn’t be more excited" about AR.

Six Colors

Mail Merge returns to Pages after nine years

Pages’s reimplented Mail Merge feature on macOS...

Pixel Envy

Stage Manager Compatibility

Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch: I had a chance to talk briefly with Apple...


Apple could theoretically enable Stage Manager for older iPads in iOS 16

Code in the iPadOS 16 beta has revealed that that Apple — and only Apple...


M1 iPad Stage Manager requirements blurred again by developer finding

Apple says that its iPadOS 16 Stage Manager feature requires virtual mem...


iPadOS 16 Includes Internal Mode for Testing Stage Manager on Older iPads

Amid the controversy surrounding Stage Manager and its hardware requirem...


Apple hides a classic Mac OS Easter egg in Ventura

Clarus the Dogcow, an old friend to Mac users, reappears in the new Mac ...


Apple: iPadOS 16's biggest upgrade would never have worked on older models

Apple's Craig Federighi says Apple tested Stage Manager on older iPads a...


Apple Tested Stage Manager on iPads Without M1 Chip and Wasn't Satisfied

As more post-WWDC interviews with Apple's software engineering chief Cra...


Stage Manager refinements ‘in flight,’ but support won’t extend to older devices

Craig Federighi spills some details on Apple’s newest multitasking inter...


WWDC gave us plenty of reasons to get mad at Apple

Don't get mad about Stage Manager's hardware requirements...


Craig Federighi promises iPad Stage Management improvements coming

Apple's Craig Federighi says Apple is aware of criticisms of Stage Manag...

Cult of Mac

Apple has several Stage Manager improvements planned in upcoming iPadOS 16 betas

Stage Manager is undoubtedly one of the key new features in iPadOS 16...


Craig Federighi promises Stage Manager improvements with upcoming iPadOS 16 betas

iPadOS 16 brings one of the biggest upgrades to iPad multitasking ever t...

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