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Apple files lawsuit against NSO Group stating it targets Apple users

Apple sent out a somewhat surprising news release about its lawsuit agai...


Apple Aims to Cut Down on Spyware With Lawsuit Against NSO Group

Apple today announced that it has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group and ...

Daring Fireball

★ Craig Federighi’s Sideloading Keynote at Web Summit

If Apple stopped making it look like they’re running the App Store to ma...

Pixel Envy

⌥ Craig Federighi and Tim Cook on Sideloading

In separate recent appearances, both Craig Federighi and Tim Cook have v...


Tim Cook: Users Who Want to Sideload Apps Can Use Android, While the iPhone Experience Maximizes 'Security and Privacy'

Amid a heightened amount of scrutiny and tension surrounding the App Sto...

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 354: New 27-inch iMac Pro rumors, app sideloading, iPhone car crash detection

This week on Happy Hour, Zac had a chance to see the new MacBook Pro in ...

Ars Technica

Apple’s Federighi delivers dramatic speech on dangers of sideloading

"Our mission is to provide people with the choice of what we view as the...


Federighi blasts iPhone sideloading as a ‘gold rush for the malware industry’

Apple VP Craig Federighi used his 10-minute presentation at the Web Summ...


9to5Mac Daily: November 04, 2021 – MacBook Air success, Craig Federighi keynote

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac...


Craig Federighi says sideloading would open 'Pandora's Box' on the iPhone

Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, ...

The Verge

‘Sideloading is a cyber criminal’s best friend,’ according to Apple’s software chief

Apple argues sideloading is too big a risk.


Apple's Craig Federighi Says Sideloading on iPhone Would Open the Floodgates to Malware

Apple's software engineering chief Craig Federighi today expressed his o...


iOS side-loading would be a gold rush for cybercriminals, says Craig Federighi

Craig Federighi, Apple's Software Engineering chief, gave a keynote focu...


Craig Federighi vehemently speaks out against iPhone side-loading in new keynote: ‘Side-loading is a cybercriminal’s best friend’

Last month, it was announced that Apple senior vice president Craig Fede...


Apple's Craig Federighi to present keynote at Web Summit 2021 in November

Apple SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi is scheduled to presen...


Craig Federighi to attend Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon next month

Web Summit 2021 will take place in Lisbon, and one of the guests is none...


Sorry Apple fans, the M1 Max is already doomed to fail


Pixel Envy

Mashable: Monday’s Product Launch Was the ‘Worst Apple Event Ever’

Chris Taylor, in a Mashable article that will age with all the grace of ...


The Macalope has three letters for Intel’s anti-Mac ‘Spell’ ads: LOL

Intel seems upset about something. Wonder what it is?


Apple appoints Michael Shapiro as the company's new corporate treasurer

The company has also promoted a number of executives to vice president r...


Microsoft Releases Windows 11, Mac Virtualization Support Still Seems Unlikely

Following three months of beta testing, Microsoft has officially release...


Protests over iPhone 'spyware' ahead of iPhone 13 launch

A series of small protests have taken place at Apple stores in the U.S...


Microsoft Says ARM Windows Virtualization on Apple Silicon Macs 'Not a Supported Scenario'

Macs powered by ‌Apple silicon do not support Windows and there is no Bo...

The Verge

A comprehensive breakdown of the Epic v. Apple ruling

Apple’s not a monopolist, but it still stifled competition.

The Verge

Judge says Apple may be ‘stretching the truth’ on Mac malware concerns

She says Apple may’ve stretched the truth to make a point


Tim Cook's decade, App Store under threat, Donda launches -- August 2021 in review

Tim Cook completed ten years as CEO, South Korea ended the App Store as ...


Bill Maher slams Apple CSAM plans, says iPhones make people into assholes

Bill Maher has slammed Apple's recently-announced plans to scan iCloud i...


German Politician Asks Apple CEO Tim Cook to Abandon CSAM Scanning Plans

Member of the German parliament, Manuel Höferlin, who serves, namely Man...


Apple Appeals Corellium Copyright Lawsuit Loss After Settling Other Claims

Back in December, Apple lost a copyright lawsuit against security resear...

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