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Beats Unveils Limited-Edition Studio Buds in Collaboration With Fashion Brand 'Daily Paper'

Apple-owned Beats today introduced new limited-edition Studio Buds desig...


Get up close and personal with famous landmarks thanks to Flyover

Want to get a good look at landmarks on the other side of the world with...


Get directions home or find new places with Siri and Maps. Here's how!

Siri can help you figure out how to get home or to new places, even gett...


Kuo: A new HomePod is coming in late 2022 or early 2023

Apple is set to announce a new HomePod either later in 2022 or in the ea...


EU Planning to Force Apple to Give Developers Access to All Hardware and Software Features

The European Union is pressing ahead with legislation to heavily regulat...

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Apple has released the first public beta of tvOS 15.6

Apple has released tvOS 15...


Siri visits Couples Therapy star Dr. Orna Guralnik in sketch for web accessibility company

A two-minute video sketch (below) in which Siri visits Couples Therapy s...


5 overdue Apple Watch features we hope to see in watchOS 9

There are plenty of ways Apple can improve the Apple Watch, without requ...

Six Colors

Apple’s Accessibility feature preview gets #GAAD going

For the second year running, Apple has offered a preview of updated acce...


How to install the first developer beta of 15.6 on your HomePod

How do you go about updating to the latest beta software on your HomePod...


Betas never stop: The first developer beta for watchOS 8.7 is out now!

The very first beta of watchOS 8.7 is now available to developers.


How to Silence An Alarm on a Family Member's iPhone Using Your Own iPhone

If you live in a family household, there's a good chance that at some st...

Cult of Mac

New Ecobee smart thermostats work with HomeKit and Siri

Smart home accessory specialist Ecobee unveiled two new smart thermostat...


Apple previews Live Captions, Apple Watch gestures coming later this year

Apple is bringing several new accessibility features to iPhone, iPad, an...


Apple Marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day by Announcing Upcoming Accessibility Features

Thursday is Global Accessibility Awareness Day...


ecobee releases a pair of HomeKit thermostats with larger screens and radar

ecobee drops a pair of new HomeKit-enabled smart thermostats each with a...


Ecobee's New HomeKit-Enabled Smart Thermostat Premium Launches for $249

Following multiple leaks, smart home accessory maker Ecobee today offici...

Six Colors

Apple details Live Captions, other accessibility features coming later this year ↦

Apple Newsroom: Using advancements across hardware, software, and machin...


Apple Previews New Door Detection, Apple Watch Mirroring, and Live Captions Accessibility Features

Apple today previewed a range of new accessibility features, including D...


Apple says major new accessibility tools are coming this year

Apple's adding lots of new accessibility features across its product lin...


Crazy AirPods deals for May 2022!

Don't miss the latest bargains! Find the best deals and discounts for th...


New Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Premium Design Revealed Ahead of Launch, Supports HomeKit and Hey Siri

Ecobee is planning to release a new HomeKit-compatible smart thermostat ...


Three Google features Apple should borrow for its next big thing

Apple is hardly one to ignore a good idea, even when it's created by a r...


Everything you need to know about Reminders on iPhone and iPad

How do you keep track of tasks and check off how-tos on your iPhone or i...


A cheaper Apple TV could be coming in time for the holidays

A tweet by the unverified account of Ming-Chi Kuo on Friday brings some ...


Final iOS 15.5 beta arrives as release nears

iOS 15.5 beta testing is over and it's likely to arrive next week.


Betas never stop: The Release Candidate for watchOS 8.6 is out now!

The Release Candidate of watchOS 8.6 is now available to developers.


Sony Unveils Redesigned WH-1000XM5 Headphones With Improved Noise Cancelation

Sony's flagship WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling headphones have been among th...


Review: Home app spoils customizable Twinkly Dots light strip experience

With a unique design and highly customizable lighting effects, the Twink...


Sonos Ray soundbar leaks, new Decora switches, and more on HomeKit Insider

On the latest episode of HomeKit Insider, your hosts discuss the unrelea...

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