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iPod video launched just in time to save The Office

NBC’s The Office was saved from cancellation in its second season by an ...


Apple’s right to repair program is a privilege for a lucky few

Apple's Self Service Repair program doesn't change much...


Poll: Would you ever consider switching back to Apple’s wired EarPods?

For over five years, AirPods have been a success...

Six Colors

A HomePod mini on my desk

A few months ago I decided to unplug the iPod Hi-Fi I was using as an ex...


Apple AR Headset 'Approaching Liftoff' as Development Mirrors Period Before Apple Watch Launch

Apple's development of its rumored augmented reality (AR) headset is beg...

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Basic Apple Guy

AirPods Beanies

AirPods Beanies are the perfect throwback to the iPod Socks released nea...


Lawsuit targets Apple's iOS App Store 'monopoly'

A proposed class-action lawsuit claims Apple leveraged its popular iOS p...


Native Union AirPods Beanies are a blast from the past for long-time Apple fans

Native Union is tapping into our sense of nostalgia for its latest acces...


Jony Ive Discusses Steve Jobs, Continued Work With Apple, Wearables and More

Former Apple design chief Jony Ive is still working with Apple, he confi...


Jony Ive still collaborating with team at Apple, ‘LoveFrom’ name inspired by Steve Jobs

About a half an hour ago, Jony Ive sat down with Vogue editor-in-chief A...


How to use an iPad or iPhone in your car, instead of CarPlay

If your car doesn't support CarPlay, you can't find the CarPlay receiver...

The Loop

Apple-1 computer, ‘holy grail’ of vintage tech, to be auctioned off in Southern California

An Apple-1 unit, built by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and others, is set f...


Poll: Would you buy an Apple game console? How much would you pay?

If Apple does indeed release a gaming console, would you be willing to b...

Basic Apple Guy

M1ndful colouring

Charge your Apple Pencils & enjoy this collection of M1 art to colour & ...


Concept: How Apple could turn the polishing cloth into the next iPod socks

The Apple polishing cloth is this year’s big hit...


Apple no longer signing iOS 15.0.2 and blocking downgrades from iOS 15.1

Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.0...


Could the wrongest Apple analyst actually be right about something?

Rob Enderle's opinions about Apple are predictably wrong again.


LG to Offer Free Three-Month Apple TV+ Trial on 2016 and Newer Smart TVs

LG today announced that owners of 2016 to 2021 model 4K or 8K LG Smart T...


Monterey’s new features only show how much macOS still lags behind iOS

While this newest update brings with it a whole host of improvements, it...

The Verge

Mac-shaped pillow makers are back so you can cover your couch in computers

Is this Lisa good for my lumbar?

Pixel Envy

Facebook Announces Its Fantasy Benevolent World to Avoid Its Current Problems

Jason Koebler, Vice: The future Zuckerberg went on to pitch was a delusi...


Throwboy Launches New Apple-Themed Pillows Modeled After iBook G3, iMac G4, Apple Lisa and More

Throwboy, known for its range of pillows crafted to look like classic Ap...

Basic Apple Guy

Step Aside Space Grey

Space Gray had its day in the sun, but now it's time for it to step aside.


How to listen to Apple's Q4 2021 earnings call on Thursday, October 28

The company will go over its financial performance for Q4 2021 as well a...


After you get vaccinated, add your card to iPhone Wallet

Select vaccine providers are now offering verifiable vaccination records...

Daring Fireball

A Prototype Original iPod

If you can believe it, the iPod is 20 years old, today...


Native Union Brings Back iPod Socks, But for AirPods

Native Union this week announced the launch of AirPods Beanies, a new ca...

The Verge

AirPod Beanies bring back the infamous iPod Sock for a new generation

The iPod Sock returns, sort of.


Native Union celebrates iPod 20th anniversary with iPod Socks-inspired AirPod Beanies

Native Union is out with a cute and useful commemorative accessory - Air...

The Verge

The original iPod ‘prototype’ was an Apple design to prevent leaks

It was designed this way for a reason.

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