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How to use your Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone to unlock each other

An Apple Watch can unlock an iPhone, an iPhone a Watch, and a Watch a Ma...


Apple may be planning a major Messages overhaul in iOS 17

Prolific case leaker spills early details on a possible ‘completely rene...

Cult of Mac

Use this discounted service to transform any website into an iOS app

Normally, to make smartphone apps, you’d have to learn one of the progra...


Apple’s redesigned iPad and M2 iPad Pro could arrive Tuesday

Apple is expected to roll out new tablets ‘in a matter of days.’


Marvis Pro music player for iOS updated with new ‘Metadata Builder’

There’s a whole market of iPhone and iPad apps that integrate with Apple...

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The Loop

∞ The Dalrymple Report: Growing inches, Apple Watch Ultra, banishing people

Posted on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 at 9:00 am...

The Verge

Roborock’s S7 Plus mop and robot vacuum hybrid is $270 off

Also, the Apple Watch Series 7 (LTE) hits a new low price.


Weird iOS 16 Mail bug can cause endless loop of app crashes–here’s how to fix it

So-called Mailjack attack can disable email access on your iPhone.


How to set up Personalized Spatial Audio for your AirPods

In iOS 16, you can scan your head and ears to make Spatial Audio work ev...


iOS 16 superguide: Latest version, problems, tips, new features, betas, bugs, and more

iOS 16 is now available...

Ars Technica

Impressions: Shovel Knight Dig is my new roguelite gaming addiction

The modern-retro goodness of Shovel Knight returns with a refreshing tak...


iOS 16.0.2 is released to fix copy/paste bug and iPhone 14 Pro camera shake

Apple was expected to release this update next week, but the fixes are c...

Cult of Mac

Update your iPhone ASAP to fix iOS 16’s worst bugs

Apple introduced iOS 16.0.2 on Thursday...


Apple releases iOS 16.0.2 with multiple essential bug fixes

The vibrating camera issues and the copy-paste bug should be fixed in la...


iPhone 14 Pro camera shake fix now available with iOS 16.0.2

Apple has released iOS 16.0...


iOS 16 adoption climbs as it plays catch up with iOS 14 update rate

A report shows the adoption of iOS 16 a week after it’s been released to...


Apple Releases New Firmware for AirPods Pro 2 Ahead of Launch

Apple today released new firmware designed for the second-generation Air...


How to remove the search button from iOS 16

If you're bothered by the new Search button introduced alongside iOS 16,...


iOS 16 Mail can be crashed by a specific 'from' field

An Apple Mail bug in iOS 16 means that an incoming email with a specific...


iOS 16 bug can cause the Mail app to instantly crash when a certain string of text is received

Every so often we see a flaw in iOS that can render an entire app unusab...

Basic Apple Guy

iPhone 14 Pro Max: First Impressions

Thoughts about the camera, livin’ the Dynamic Island life, my surprising...


iOS 16: Update now or wait?

iOS 16 is out now, but is it safe to upgrade or should you hold on to iO...

The Verge

Apple AirPods Pro (second-gen) review: same look, better everything else

Still the default pick for iPhone owners but less of a standout.


An iPhone 14 Pro GPS bug caused by iOS 16.1 is fixed in beta 2

A nice, quick fix.


How the iPhone 14 Pro is good enough to take down a pricey mirrorless camera

We pit the iPhone 14 Pro's new 48MP lens against a pricey mirrorless cam...


iPhone 14 Pro review: A glimpse at the future

More than just faster with a better camera—the iPhone 14 Pro's unique fe...


50+ apps that work with App Shortcuts in iOS 16

Get hundreds of new shortcuts just by installing these apps.


Poll: Is your iPhone battery life worse after the iOS 16 update?

iOS 16 has been available for over a week now, and the update introduces...

Daring Fireball

★ Apple Watch Ultra

It *almost* feels more like having an adorable little iPhone Nano strapp...

Six Colors

(Podcast) Clockwise 469: The Name of the Color Is Fingerprints

Our computer and desk setups, the feature we’d add to iOS to make the bi...

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