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Six Colors

OS X 10.1 review: Mac OS X comes of Age ↦

It was 20 years ago that I reviewed Mac OS X 10.1 for Macworld...


OnMail adds new ‘Inbox Break’ feature to pause all incoming emails

OnMail by the team at Edison has launched a new Inbox Break feature to h...


How to unlock your Mac with its Recovery Key and FileVault active

If something goes wrong with your Mac accounts, you may still be able to...


Apple goes retro with free downloads of OS X Lion and Mountain Lion

Apple is now offering free copies of Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion on ...

Daring Fireball

Roku Says It May Lose YouTube TV App After Google Made Anti-Competitive Demands

Roku claims that Google is demanding preferential treatment for YouTube ...

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Pixel Envy

Keyboard Shortcuts in Many Web and Electron Apps Do Not Work Correctly With Non-ANSI Keyboard Layouts

Speaking of bad keyboard shortcuts, here’s Thomas Kainrad (via Michael T...

Six Colors

Mac OS X turns 20

So many pages on this operating system over the years...


Mac Malware Detections Dropped 38% in 2020, Most Still Adware

Antivirus software developer Malwarebytes today shared its 2021 State of...


WhatsApp tries to reassure users following Facebook data sharing backlash

The company is attempting to put out the fire after implementing its new...

The Verge

Today I learned your Apple Watch can double as a vlogging viewfinder

If you’ve got an Apple Watch, you can use it to see what your iPhone is ...


An Apple silicon build of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code isn't far away

Those who develop web apps and services on their Mac can now look forwar...


The world's smallest iMac is the size of a drink can and can play Minecraft

The 21.5-inch iMac is already pretty small...


New Mac Ransomware Found in Pirated Mac Apps

There's a new 'EvilQuest' Mac ransomware variant that's spreading throug...

The Loop

OSX.EvilQuest ransomware uncovered

analyzing a new piece of mac ransomware (and more!)


So long, macOS 10. Hello, macOS 11 Big Sur

With the arrival of macOS Big Sur, Apple has turned it up to 11. macOS 11.

Pixel Envy

Local U.S. News Stations Aired an Amazon-Produced Promotional Video, Most Without Acknowledging Its Source

Zach Rael of KOCO 5: Just got an email from Amazon’s PR team with a pre-...


Rumor: New low-cost iPad to feature A12 chip later this year

An anonymous Twitter source has claimed Apple may include the A12 chip i...


You can finally use Spotify Web Player with Safari

Spotfiy has fixed an issue preventing people from using its web player w...


Steam dropping MacOS VR support was always going to happen

MacOS was never a priority for Valve, and that's a shame.

Daring Fireball

Only 2 Percent of Steam Users Own VR Headsets

Half-Life: Alyx helped lead a large surge of new VR headsets being conne...

Daring Fireball

Steam Drops MacOS From VR Support

SteamVR has ended OSX support so our team can focus on Windows and Linux...


Bloomberg's Mark Gurman takes questions on HomePod, 5G iPhones and more

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has answered questions about Apple's upcoming pr...


New 23-inch iMac, 11-inch iPad rumored to launch in the second half of 2020

The 23" iMac is expected to replace the current 21...


Blackmagic is discontinuing its eGPU Pro

Blackmagic has announced that it is discontinuing its eGPU Pro.

Six Colors

Sleazy adware targets Mac users–and Apple steps up its game

Image from Malwarebytes report...