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Pixel Envy

Amazon’s Data Request Results Page Is Needlessly Difficult

Over a week ago, I requested a copy of my personal data from Amazon, aft...


Exporting Links from Safari Reading List via Shortcuts for Mac

A few weeks ago in the second lesson of the Automation Academy for Club ...


Starting at just $65, these Black Friday HomeKit camera deals are a steal

If you have always wanted a HomeKit security camera, but have always bee...

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Move your photos and videos to another Mac in just a few steps

There are different ways to move your photos from one Mac to another...


Aqara launches new HomeKit Secure Video-enabled Camera Hub G3

With 2K visuals, motorized pan and tilt controls, facial recognition, Zi...

Daring Fireball

Apple Sues NSO Group

Apple accused NSO Group, the Israeli surveillance company, of “flagrant”...


Aqara launches new G3 camera with HomeKit Secure Video and 2K resolution in the US

The new Aqara G3 camera includes 2k resolution with a pan-and-tilt optio...

Six Colors

Shortcuts makes my Mac user automations portable

This week I’m traveling for Thanksgiving, and I’m using this MacBook Pro...


Manage your Mac and iOS devices from one place with this app

l for all of your iOS and Mac devices...


Apple's about-face, and Black Friday — here's what happened at iMore

It's the weekend before Black Friday and here are the stories we covered...


Hey Apple, fancy new features only work if they're explained properly

Apple's changing of the way iCloud Private Relay is explained in iOS 15...


How to use Keychain Access to view and manage passwords on your Mac

The Keychain Access utility can store your most sensitive information.


The Apple Watch undermines iOS 15’s web privacy enhancements

iCloud Private Relay and Mail Privacy Protection for iPhone, iPad, and M...


Apple iCloud Private Relay doesn't cover Apple Watch, says developer

A developer who confirmed Apple's Mail Privacy feature doesn't work on A...


iOS 15.2 admits nobody knows what iCloud Private Relay is, rebrands it

What you need to know Apple released iOS 15...


Amazon Photos gets a new look, memories feature, and more

Amazon Photos for iOS has been updated to bring a new look and a raft of...


Everything New in iOS 15.2 Beta 3: Macro Mode Updates, iCloud Private Relay Tweaks and More

Apple today released the third beta of an upcoming iOS 15...


How to move your Mac’s Photos library to an SSD for better performance

If your Photos library is on a hard drive or Fusion drive, consider the ...

The Verge

Apple’s Business Essentials subscriptions support small businesses that only use Apple

It can support organizations of up to 500 employees


Apple @ Work: Understanding iCloud Private Relay for Apple devices in the workplace – including how to block it

For enterprises looking to block iCloud Private Relay from their network...


How to Use Apple's Legacy Contact Feature to Let Your Family Access Your Photos and Data After You Die

Apple in iOS 15...


New iOS 15.2 features, Apple Business Essentials, and macOS Shortcuts on the AppleInsider podcast

On this week's episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss t...


iPhone thieves are using this trick to disable Find My on stolen devices

People stealing iPhones is nothing new, but this new scam disables Find ...

The Loop

Apple Business Essentials: Small business program to manage iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Business Essentials brings device management, Apple Support, and i...

The Verge

Latest iOS beta blurs nude images for children using Messages app

Part of a trio of features announced in August.

The Verge

iCloud for Windows gets a built in password generator

Plus new options to remove other users from shared files.


iOS 15.2 Beta: How to Use the Hide My Email Feature in the Mail App

With iOS 15 and the Hide My Email feature exclusive to iCloud+ subscribe...


Hands-on: iOS 15.2 beta 2 changes and features – Legacy Contact, Hide My Email, and more [Video]

Hands-on with iOS 15...

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