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Turkish customers can buy Apple gear again, but they're going to pay more

Turkish Apple fans are being welcomed back into Apple Stores but they're...

Cult of Mac

Smackdown: M1 MacBook Pro vs. $15,000 Mac Pro [The CultCast]

This week on Cult of Mac's podcast: Just how well does a new $3,500 M1 M...


Apple Researching All-Glass iPhone and Apple Watch Designs

Apple has furthered its research on devices with all-glass enclosures, a...

Basic Apple Guy


Give your device the stunning look of the Pro Display XDR...

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Apple patents designs for all-glass iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac Pro tower, and more

Jony Ive has long talked about the idea of an all-glass iPhone, dubbed "...


A look back–and forward–after a thrilling year of Apple silicon

The M1 made its debut a year ago, and one thing is clear: The Mac's futu...

Cult of Mac

Got a 2019 Mac Pro? OWC offers ‘world’s fastest and highest capacity’ storage

Memory and storage provider OWC rolled out its new Accelsior 8M2 PCIe so...


Accelsior 8M2 is the fastest PCIe SSD available for the Mac Pro, says OWC

OWC's new Accelsior 8M2 PCIe solid-state drive combines blazing fast spe...


OWC launches new Mac Pro-focused Accelsior 8M2 PCIe SSD with a ridiculous 64TB of storage

The OWC Accelsior 8M2 is a PCIe SSD enclosure that features support for ...


OWC announces Accelsior 8M2, the 'fastest drive available for 2019 Mac Pro'

What you need to know OWC has announced Accelsior 8M2, a 64TB PCIe SSD...


How to add PCI-E expansion to your new MacBook Pro

While you can't jam a PCI-E card inside your MacBook Pro, you can still ...

Rene Ritchie

Apple ‘Quad M1 Max’ Will DESTROY Intel ‘Alder Lake’ — Reaction!

“Apple’s plans for its future Mac processors suggest those new chips are...

Rene Ritchie

Apple Execs — How M1 Pro / Max Unleashed the Mac

Tom Boger (TB): Tom Boger...

Ars Technica

Leaked Apple silicon roadmap reveals plans for Mac Pro, MacBook Air

Also, some future Mac chips will have two dies instead of one.


Intel Alder Lake Chips for Desktops Faster Than M1 Max in Benchmarks, But Use Much More Power

Intel last week unveiled its first 12th-generation "Alder Lake" processo...


Apple’s next chips could have 40 cores and mind-blowing speeds

While the M1 Pro and M1 Max are still fresh to the market, Apple is movi...


Future Apple Silicon Macs Will Reportedly Use 3nm Chips With Up to 40 Cores

The Information's Wayne Ma today shared alleged details about future App...


Leaked Apple Silicon roadmap hints at new Mac Pro, MacBook Air

An unconfirmed report covering Apple's successors to M1 Apple Silicon cl...


M1 Pro vs. M1 Max: Real-World Performance Test

Now that the new MacBook Pro models have been available for a week, we'v...


Compared: M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro versus Mac Pro

Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max processor is undeniably ...

The Loop

The 2019 Mac Pro vs the 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max

M1 Max MacBook Pro versus 2019 Mac Pro October 28th, 2021, by rob-ART mo...


A year into the Apple silicon transition these Intel Macs are all that’s left

Apple retired the 21...


The first beta of macOS Monterey 12.1 is already here

Try the new features and fixes before they're officially released.

The Verge

Apple’s MacBook Pro is a GPU-shaped warning to Nvidia and AMD

Apple’s M1 chips look promising for a future Mac Pro.


Apple's M1 Max bests AMD Radeon Pro W6900X in Affinity GPU benchmark

Apple's top-of-the-line M1 Max, which powers the company's new 14- and 1...


Early 2021 MacBook Pro unboxings and reviews are here!

Just ahead of the official launch, the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook P...

Six Colors

14-inch MacBook Pro review: A Mac Pro in your backpack

The new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models usher in a new era in Apple l...


Apple execs excited about M1 Max MacBook Pro video editing capabilities

The M1 Max is a game-changing chip for video editing and graphics-heavy ...

Rene Ritchie

M1 Pro vs. Max — What Apple Didn’t Tell You!

Why no Face ID? 14 vs 16-inch thermals? E-cores vs P-cores? M1 Pro vs M1...

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