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Cult of Mac

Mac fan transforms 1997 Toshiba Libretto into tiny Hackintosh

Long before we all started carrying around powerful computers in our poc...

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Video shows what it would be like to run macOS on an iPad through a virtual Hackintosh

A new video has surfaced of an iPad running macOS...

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Unknown 'OpenCore Computer' debuts Hackintosh to immediate backlash

An unknown company called 'OpenCore Computer' has launched a commercial ...

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OpenCore Computer attempts sale of Hackintosh systems

OpenCore Computer has launched its first desktop computer billed as a "z...

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'OpenCore Computer' Launches Commercial Hackintosh in Violation of Apple's macOS Licensing Agreement

Following in the footsteps of Psystar, a new company called "OpenCore Co...

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Cult of Mac

Today in Apple history: Psystar’s clone Macs go rogue

On April 27, 2008, the first Psystar Open Computer Macintosh clones star...