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Daring Fireball

SwiftUI in May 2022

Jake Sawyer: Even if you already know a bit (or a lot) of SwiftUI, Stanf...

Rene Ritchie

Making iPad Apps… on the iPad!

For some people, a computer is a device that you can use to make apps… f...


New Swift Playgrounds 4.1 lets you make Mac apps with SwiftUI

Apple on Tuesday released major updates to Swift Playgrounds 4, its app ...


Swift Playgrounds 4.1 adds content on SwiftUI, animating shapes, and making a camera

Today, Apple's own Swift Playgrounds received its version 4...


Swift Playgrounds update adds App Store Connect integration for macOS users

Apple has updated Swift Playgrounds to version 4...

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Apple releases Swift Playgrounds 4.1 development tool for iPad and Mac

Apple has today released a new version of its Swift Playground developme...


Apple Releases Swift Playgrounds 4.1 for iPad and Mac

Following the launch of iOS 15.5 and macOS Monterey 12...

The Verge

You can now try 1Password’s customizable redesign on your iPhone and iPad

It features a new home screen and Watchtower.


Stacktrace Podcast 178: “Let’s try something new”

John and Rambo celebrate the show’s 4th birthday with a big announcement...


App Store submissions must be built using Xcode 13 from April 25

Apple has told developers that they must submit apps built with Xcode 13...


Stacktrace Podcast 175: “A Bluetooth fanboy”

Unit testing SwiftUI-based views, view and data architecture, as well as...

Pixel Envy

Where Mac Catalyst Falls Short

Steve Troughton-Smith: Mac Catalyst is in a great place; it has improved...


Steve Troughton-Smith on Mac Catalyst’s Shortcomings

Steve Troughton-Smith has spent a lot of time with Mac Catalyst, develop...


Stacktrace Podcast 173: “The fabric of space-time”

SwiftUI for animations, prototyping, and game development...


Stacktrace Podcast 171: “Three levels of happiness”

Continued discussions around using SwiftUI for custom animations and lay...


Stacktrace Podcast 170: “Welcome to programming”

John and Rambo revisit the topic of SwiftUI and UIKit interoperability, ...

Pixel Envy

MacOS Widgets Deserve Better

Stephen Hackett: Notification Center is a real mess...


Apple releases long-awaited Swift Playgrounds 4 with a ton of updates

Swift Playgrounds 4 is finally here!


Had It With the Dropbox App? Here Are Five Alternative Dropbox Clients

The Dropbox app has a troubled reputation among Mac users...


Stacktrace Podcast 162: “Hanging on the cliff for a whole week”

John and Rambo discuss asynchronous unit testing, using Windows as a dev...


The first beta of macOS Monterey 12.1 is already here

Try the new features and fixes before they're officially released.


Apple Announces 100+ Tech Talks for Developers

Apple announced today that it will be conducting over 100 live sessions ...


Stacktrace Podcast 157: “Very close to folding”

John and Rambo share their bets, hopes, and predictions for Apple’s upco...

Pixel Envy

Siri Regressions and Bugs in iOS 15

Apple: Starting with the customer release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Mo...


‘McClockface’ app offers the best clock widgets for your iPhone and iPad

McClockface app for iPhone and iPad is created by indie developer David ...

Six Colors

(Podcast) Upgrade 366: The Node Legacy

What does it mean to be a native Mac app in the era of SwiftUI, Catalyst...

Pixel Envy

1Password Goes Electron

Michael Fey of 1Password: We could support as many versions of macOS as ...

Six Colors

Not important enough: 1Password abandons its native Mac app

If you can’t move the preferences window because it’s fake, you might be...


Stacktrace Podcast 148: “Do you have a plan for Apple?”

John’s new iPad development setup, Rambo’s widget layout challenges, and...


AppStories, Episode 235 – An Interview with Malin Sundberg

This week on AppStories, we continue the Summer OS Preview Series with s...

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